First Broadcast Climate Camp Radio 04/08/2008

August 5, 2008 at 12:11 am Leave a comment

Monday 04/08/2008 broadcast

Interview led radio broadcast from the Camp for Climate Action 2008 at Kingsnorth

  • Music
  • Overview of the plans of the plans for a Kingsnorth Power Station for Coal Fired Power Station, report from Arthur Scargill (NUM) coming to Climate Camp
  • Interviews with climate campers talking about related actions in the past
  • Music
  • Interview on Food in camp
  • life report from police attempt to gain access to camp, through back entrance. Scuffles, attempts to tow way vehicles, smashed car windows, truncheons, civil disobedience, hurt protestors, stand-off, anti-greenwash, anti-greed speeches, nobody knows what the police actually wants…
  • interview with pedalling pirate and other Climate Caravan arrivees
  • Carbon Town Crier Live (music)
  • Simon, poet and singer Live (music)
  • music
  • Outro by the Climate Camp Radio

link to recording:

link to other formats:


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