In June 2007 the summit of the eight richest and most
powerful states in the world will take place in
Heiligendamm near the City of Rostock on the Baltic coast of Germany.
This years’motto is “investment security”. The politics of the G8 have triggered criticism and worldwide protest for a long time. During the 2007 summit in Germany this will be visible in its various forms.
Flash Radio interview teams will cover the alternative
summit, blockades, actions and workshops, but will also deliver audible portraits of groups and individuals who have come to campaign and work for change.
Press Release

You can contact us by emailing flashPod[at]riseup.net . Suggestions, tips etc. welcome!


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  • 1. kermit  |  May 29, 2007 at 10:13 am

    wow! i loved your proper news podcast! (podcast 2) if this is a sample of what you can do , and you can do that kind of reporting from germany, then , bloody hell, i’m tuned in!!!! its informative, current, alternative, and you obviously have a sense of humour, which helps when us frogs and fuzzy creatures are trying to save the planet from self destructing bozzos , in the guise of Bush…and his cronies, the biggest clown puppet govenment in the world…..and they call us muppets….huh!

    please carrry on the good work. and lets change the crappy Muppet Show (ie US govenance) to the People’s Show!!


    Kermit (Miss Piggy sends her love) x


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