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Climate Camp Radio online

There won’t be a flash radio crew at this year’s Climate Camp at Kingsnorth. No need! because there is the magnificent Climate Camp radio and we will support them as good as we can.

Climate Camp Radio will be broadcasting from the Camp For Climate Action from the 3rd to the 10th of August 2008. Alongside camp announcements, the shows will cover happenings on and off the camp, and discuss relevant issues, We welcome people who want to ‘Be the Media’ by helping with production or providing audio; swing by the media tent if you would like to get involved. One of the camp’s core aims is education and we aim provide this through participation, creating content, and our skills share workshop.

The show will be streamed to the internet and made available on the Climate Camp website as well as other alternative media sources. It will also be archived and available for download or podcast as well, so there’s no excuse for missing it. Without doubt the coolest shit on site, so listen online or bring a radio to the camp and tune in every meal time.

For a stream of the latest show, click here:


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Climate Camp 2007 at Heathrow

We were at the Climate Camp from August 14-21 at Heathrow in 2007.

There were 8 days of inspiring workshops, information and skill-sharing, debates and a real example of a functioning low impact living village for just over 1,000 people at its largest capacity.

Residents set up their tents in neighbourhoods which also automatically meant they were part of that community and were able to attend neighbourhood meetings which were held everyday to organise the camp and the direct actions were could do as a neighbourhood.

In this podcast we focus in on one direct action which took place at the BAA offices at Bath Road in Heathrow. We were there for 24 hours. We interviewed several people some of whom who were penned in at other actions and this podcast gives a flavour of how the day went on Sunday 19th August 2007, the Day of Action.

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A Flash radio reporter’s personal account of the climate camp

stream it
download it

I set up for the climate camp on friday night with a friend. While waiting for the train to Hayes and Harlington at Paddington station I saw a familiar face, a girl with dread locks and camping gear. we smiled and said hello to each other. she was taking the Oxford train that was leaving earlier, we followed her.


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Flash Radio Future

We’re currently discussing what the best way of operation is for us, but there is no doubt that Flash radio Podcasts will keep coming. Check “Become Flashradio” in the top menu for details.

The next dates in the Flashradio calendar are a series of workshops and discussions while producing two podcasts during the Big Green Gathering. Come and check us out at the Alternative Media Tent.

Big Green Gathering 1st August 07 – 05th August 07

Just a week later there will be the first Camp for Climate Action for this year, near Heathrow. We want to cover the week of actions, workshops and campaigns. We’re looking for more citizen journalists. Get in touch if you’re interested.

The Camp for Climate Action 14th August -21st August

A few weeks later will be the first No Borders Camp in the UK. It will take place near Gatwick Airport from the 9th to 24th September 07. More info here:

No Borders Camp 9th-24th september

If you are going to any of the other No Border camps, i.e. in the Ukraine, please let us know.

Early October will see a world-wide week of action on Housing issues, watch this space for more information.

last but not least, one of the worlds biggest arms fairs is in tow, where warmongers of the world get together, getting all excited about how good business is going.

Disarm DSEi 2007 11th september 2007

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Podcast No. 9. G8 Evaluation and Conclusion. You talk. Future Flash Radio podcasts

The G8 and the alternative summit have finished, and for todays podcast our reporters have got together and formed a panel discussion, evaluating what they thought on the whole protest.

We are curious to find out what you listeners think about the subject! Send us an email at

And also we will bring you a selection of interviews to conclude the G8, you wil hear a member of the PGA, the Peoples Global Action Movement, one of our reporter’s reflection on the camps and their function of networking. Then we have interviewed an activist on agriculture and the movement surrounding this subject. and Gyeke_Tanoh from the alternative summit speaking on Africa and economics. Finally you will hear a person working for Attac reflecting on the protest and thinking forward on their plans for the next G8 in Japan. So we hope you will enjoy this show.

DOWNLOAD Podcast No.9; 128k MP3, 52min, 49MB

DOWNLOAD Podcast No.9; OGG, 52min, 26MB

DOWNLOAD Podcast No.9; 64k MP3, 52min, 27MB



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Podcast number 8: Climate Change, Alternative Summit, Rossport Camp, Clowns, Nakedness

Today was a day of climate change actions, an alternative summit to the official g8, and a demonstration in Solidarity with Rossport Camp, also a Naked Action and a press conference by the Rebel Clown Army, with a surprise for a visiting National State Television team.

DOWNLOAD Podcast No.8; 46min, 44MB



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Podcast No. 7: Blockades, Alternative Summit, Repression.

This 7th podcast reports from the second day of the blockades around Heiligendamm. There are more then 10.000 protesters blocking the roads and occupying the fences in all sorts of creative ways. Today was also the last day of the Alternative G8 summit where a Flashradio reporter have been interviewing an enviromental activist speaker from India on her views to alternative politics. Finally the report sums up some facts from the past days repression battle between police and protesters.

DOWNLOAD Podcast No.7; 47min, 45MB



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