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Podcast number 8: Climate Change, Alternative Summit, Rossport Camp, Clowns, Nakedness

Today was a day of climate change actions, an alternative summit to the official g8, and a demonstration in Solidarity with Rossport Camp, also a Naked Action and a press conference by the Rebel Clown Army, with a surprise for a visiting National State Television team.

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Podcast No. 6: Blockades, repression, legal team press conference

Our 6th podcast is about events in todays blockades and the surrounding repression. We have details from the legal teams press conference.

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Podcast No. 5: Stop Militarisation

Today’s podcast centers on the Rostock demonstrations on Anti-Militarisation. The accounts from our reporters captured the atmosphere at the alternative summmit following the action against Caterpillar, an important agent with comercial ties in the Israeli occupations. The German police have once again prevented planned demonstrations and stopped an activist demo against the occupations in the West bank.

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Podcast No.2: G8 summit, counter summit and actions.Background info and updates.

In our second podcast we cover upcoming events and background information on the G8, the opposition to it and the alternative summit. The Flash Radio repression forecast informs on the current political climate.

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Press Release
Broadcasting Pirate Boat

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Flash Radio no.1 – the friendly Indymedia workshop

This is our first podcast in the gear up for the G8 in June. The Indymedia workshop covered what, where, why, how’s, of Indymedia and brought up some interesting comments regarding citizen reporting and activism.

We’ve sliced the thing down to less than 10 minutes so give it a listen and leave your comments below if you feel like it.


Flash Radio podcast 1 . Indymedia workshop . 17th May (mp3 56Mb)

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Flash Radio Jingle

Welcome to Flash Radio, the G8 2007 podcast

Flash Radio interview teams will cover the alternative summit, blockades, actions and workshops, but will also deliver audible portraits of groups and individuals who have come to campaign and work for change.

Read more about Flash radio on the “About Us” page. Find out how to subscribe to a podcast and to our announce email list on the “How to subscribe” page.

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Flash Radio

Flash Radio is a podcast from and about action for global justice and alternatives to globalisation and climate crime. Subscribe to our podcast or listen to it online. Contact: anon[at]

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