How to subscribe

The easiest way to subscribe is by clicking here: Feed

Subscribe to the podcast using your media player:

Subscribing to a podcast means your media player of choice downloads the podcast automatically, after it has been made available when you connect to the internet for the first time.


We recommend “Juice” which you can download here for free:

Download Juice, the cross-platform podcast receiver

The Juice application allows you to manage everything about your subscriptions to Podcasts. Here you can add a Podcast’s Feed, check it, and begin receiving content. Every Podcast you add is displayed in the Subscriptions Tab’s upper list, allowing you to easily check for new episodes which display in the list on the lower part of the window, and do several other things which we discuss here. “Add new feed” is the third button from the left. Click on it when you know the
URL address to a Podcast feed you wish to subscribe to. A pop-up window
will open, and will prompt you to enter our Feed’s URL

Then click on the “Save” button. Juice will check the feed and enter the Title automatically.

In iTunes you have to go to “Advanced” in the top menu, and select “Subscribe to podcast” and paste this URL: and press OK. That’s it!

See visuals of it.

Subscribe to our announce email list

For announcements, news and updates subscribe to our mailing list:
During the G8 one email a day, before and after max one a week.


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  • 1. Conner  |  May 17, 2007 at 6:40 pm

    We are reaching a critical mass….


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